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A physics experiment gone wrong has brought smoke monsters into our dimension! Send them back by luring them into traps. Z-Ray is a fast-paced first person horror-puzzle game for the PlayStation 3 Move! 

Point your Z-Ray at monsters on screen to see what color trap to send them to (on the Move Motion Controller bulb). Zap them and they run towards you! Move out of their way using the Navigation Controller.

Z-Ray was designed and developed by Team Z-Ray (6 students) for our Computer Game Design senior capstone project over a 9 month period.

Winner of the Technical Achievement Award at the first Sammy's Awards, among all games made at UC Santa Cruz in 2011. 

Bryan Blackford was Lead programmer with a focus on particle systems, performance, automated testing, and build server.

Developed using C++, PhyreEngine, Blender, Jenkins, GameMaker (prototyping), Python (heatmaps).

Z-Ray Facebook Page

Game Design Document

Bryant Starkford,
Oct 3, 2014, 8:14 PM