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Allegro Blank MSVC Project with Toolkit

This is a skeleton project for Allegro 4.2.2 on Microsoft Visual Studio, tested working with msvc++ 2008 Express (a free ide).

  • Initialize graphics, sound, keyboard, and mouse handlers from allegro.
  • Viewport class features: Simplified 2d graphics functions, Scrolling screen, Transparent sprites(.tga format). (viewport.h)
  • Mouse cursor and optional sprite mouse cursor. 
  • Soundbox class for playing wav samples and midi songs. A test sound and song will play upon running the project, adjust volume accordingly. (soundbox.h)
  • Some math and bitmap functions (maths.h, gfx_fn.h)
  • Take screenshots by pressing Print Screen, but they are always named ss.bmp, so files must be renamed manually before taking multiple screenshots. 
The project contains a sample sound, background, and sprite. The sound should play on startup and the sprite is Bidoor, whatever that is. 
The sample files are to establish a working baseline and shouldn't be used in published projects. Especially not for Ludum Dare! (original content only)

There are some lines commented with //** These suggest where most of the game code should be. 

Requires Allegro, developed with version 4.2.2, which can be obtained from http://allegro.cc 
You will have to enter your allegro directories into MSVC, this should be under: Tools > Options > Projects > VC++ Directories. 
I've installed allegro to c:\allegro, so I have: Executables: c:\allegro\bin Include: c:\allegro\include Library: c:\allegro\lib
Bryan Blackford,
Aug 27, 2009, 3:17 PM